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                                    Nikola Tesla and the Secrets of the Universe


This book is one of the most detailed writing about the fantastic life and work of Nikola Tesla, who was in many respect the greatest scientist, inventor and philosopher ever lived on this planet. The basic informations are from Nikola Tesla’s own writings, autobiography, patents, lectures and articles. It was necessary to recover the missing details, that was done by following Tesla’s own thinking and thoughts with the aid of the books readed by him and about him, original materials of archives, technical papers and internet. So it will be possible to fully understand Nikola Tesla’s life and work. His researches in the field of mechanics, power generation, high voltage and high frequency currents, electrotherapy, particle physics, transmission of electrical energy and information, renewable energy, fluid mechanics, gravity are still to this day topical and lay down potential research programmes for modern science.

But this is only the moiety of Nikola Tesla’s work! He was first of all a philosopher. As a thinker he is not know for the public at large. Yet because of his extraordinary perception from his childhood he made such discoveries, wich throw new light upon the human existence, thinking and action. The correctness of his finding he had manifested all trough his life and work, and verified by the recent results of modern brain research. So simultaneously with the discoveries of nature’s secrets, he became of necessity one of the greatest philosopher too. As his mastery in science, his unique world view and the aim of understanding the universe Nikola Tesla acquired such a knowledge, wich can serve the intellectual and technical development of mankind for a long time.


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